Creating and maintaining user-friendly mobile applications is no more a luxury; mobile strategy has attained the ‘must have’ tag for any modern business. An increasing number of users opt to access the Internet via smartphones, and mobile applications have become a basic necessity. There’s no wonder that cross-platform app development using Xamarin has attained crucial importance.

The Importance of Xamarin App Development in the Contemporary Business World

Developing apps with Xamarin ensures several tangible and direct benefits. Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform app development framework having a single technology stack made up of .NET and C#. Allowing reuse of code to the tune of nearly 95%, Xamarin framework enables faster and easy creation of applications.

Mobile App Development Companies and developers across the globe make use of this tool as it assures perfect app development. This cross-platform app development tool facilitates using C# for Android, iOS, and Universal Windows apps. It is capable of producing apps compliant with the distribution needs of Google Play and the iOS App Store. Xamarin App Development has been gaining momentum all over the world.

Xamarin Development – The Best Cross-Platform Tool for App Development to Drive Business Growth

Rich with many components and libraries, Xamarin, backed by Microsoft, offers endless possibilities of adding features. This makes it easy for application developers to create apps quickly and with the least effort. The following are a few of the key factors that drive Xamarin ahead of other platforms while creating customs software development:

Code reusability: Using C# with the .NET framework to build unique apps, Xamarin ensures the reuse of nearly 95% of its code. This expedites the app development cycle.

Enhanced user experience: Xamarin ensures to provide a 100% native feel to applications on different devices, thus offering the best user experience.

Native-like performance: Cross-platform apps created using Xamarin are categorized as native. The performance metrics of these apps are comparable with that of Java for Android app development and Swift for native iOS.

Shared code: Xamarin App Development allows developers to build platform-specific UI code layers enabling code sharing across platforms.

Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin.Forms allow rapid prototyping. This facilitates building applications using less platform-specific functionality. This makes Custom Mobile App Development easier.

Easy maintenance: Cross-Platform App Development with Xamarin provides other benefits such as simplified maintenance and easy updating. Developers find updating the source file a lot easier.

How Xamarin Development Helps Business Growth

For start-ups and established enterprises alike, Xamarin App Development provides exclusive benefits, a few of which have been discussed below:

Xamarin mobile app development offers Multiple Platform Code Compatibility: Xamarin development allows developers to create code that can work across multiple platforms. This relieves businesses and developers from budget constraints. The ability to enjoy native-level interaction with multiple device hardware eliminates compatibility issues, thus making it easy for business organizations to come up with customized apps quickly.

Cross-Platform App Development with Xamarin takes fewer developer hours: Other native app development processes aim at one platform, consuming more time. Xamarin Development—by allowing Mobile App Development Companies to create code for a specific platform that still works on other platforms—saves a lot of development time. The fast development cycle is a distinctive advantage for businesses.

Xamarin App Development ensures a flawless UI: Xamarin is rich with strong design tools. It offers the possibility to use Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio. These are helping factors that enable developers to come up with flawless user interfaces that warrant a great user experience.

Xamarin, the Mobile App Platform, facilitates broader outreach and market: Business organizations are always on the lookout for ways to reach as many users as possible, in the shortest possible time. Xamarin App Development enables entrepreneurs and brands to achieve a high rate of acquisition and increased downloads.


The ability to support multiple functions with less coding and effort is a clear advantage of Xamarin App Development. The ‘Create Once and Use Everywhere’ methodology further increases the popularity of Xamarin development among global Mobile App Development Companies. Concertcare is a leading enterprise app development company that specializes in Cross-Platform App Development using Xamarin.

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