So much has changed after the foray of smartphones in people’s lives. These handy, trendy devices have become the common man’s companion, thanks to mobile applications. Mobile app developers and Custom Mobile App Development Companies are kept more than busy due to the continuously increasing demand for mobile apps. This scenario calls for watching out for the probable trends in mobile app development.

Key Factors Expected to Trend in the Mobile App Development Ecosystem

1. Invasion of the Innovative Blockchain Technology

Once a buzzword among IT professionals and mostly associated with cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology have made a foray into the mobile app development environment. It is expected to turbocharge businesses with the ability to create unprecedented mobile apps. Security will be increased manifold while costs and risks will be greatly reduced. Any Custom Software Development Company would have to master this technology in the future.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to sail through the Mobile App Ocean

One of the trending technologies for a few years, AI, along with machine learning (ML), has been topping the chart. Now, with the entry of AI and ML in the mobile app sector, noteworthy and novel applications have started to come into existence. With organizations spending hefty sums on AI, mobile apps are certainly going to get new faces in the future.

3. 5G Wireless Network to Revolutionize the App Market

The much-hyped 5G Network is touted to provide ten-fold connection density efficiency, three-fold enhancement in spectrum efficiency, and near 100 times traffic capacity efficiency. With 5G usage, the mobile app functionality is massively enhanced, and the number of mobile devices is expected to grow by millions. 5G wireless services will be instrumental in transforming other functionalities such as augmented reality, 3D gaming, and Data security. 5G promises to unleash the potential of cloud technology, ambient computing, and IoT as well. Enterprise Application Development is about to scale new height with this technology.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Facilitating the mobile devices to perform unheard of, amazing tasks, IoT products are about to take the digital space by storm literally. With IoT systems, controlling several electrical and electronic devices and equipment could become a reality. This network of efficiently interconnected smart devices will be utilized on a huge level. Enterprise Application Development using IoT will make it possible to create unprecedented, intuitive platforms for controlling various non-IT equipment as well, using mobile apps.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Will Win Hearts

Already having entered the gaming arena, AR and VR technologies are considered the sure-shot contenders for magically changing lives in future, when it comes to mobile apps. Leading the mixed reality revolution, these technologies are equipped with unmatched features such as people occlusion, motion tracking, light estimation, and environmental understanding. By the turn of the year, a number of AR-based mobile app ideas will become real apps, providing immense benefits to several industries.

6. Instant apps will transform the Mobile App Development Arena

The fastest way to use mobile apps—even without having to download them—is about to become reality, thanks to instant apps. Regardless of the hardware as well as storage capabilities and constraints, these faster-than-normal apps do not require installation. Usable right away without consuming memory on the device of users, these apps are going to be a big hit.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Custom Mobile App Development Companies can increase the speed of mobile pages with AMP. Quick loading speed, high performance, and low bounce rates are the features that make AMP make it big in the future in Enterprise Application Development.


With the number of mobile apps exponentially increasing, it is imperative for business owners and mobile app developers to keep pace with the latest technologies and trends in the market. The futuristic trends in app development and new hardware capabilities will impact how Custom Software Development Companies create mobile apps for modern users.

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