Start-ups and established enterprises alike, modern global business organizations are dependent on mobile applications to succeed and sustain. With a major market share, Android is the platform that is most sought-after by Mobile App Development Companies and entrepreneurs. This necessitates in-depth knowledge of the changing Android app development trends.

Major Android Application Development Service Trends that are Expected to Transform Business in 2021

1. Mobile Apps for Foldable Devices

Bringing together the virtues of smartphones and tablets, foldable phones are emerging as the devices of the future. OLED panels make this innovation possible. Foldable devices are expected to take the world by storm in 2021. Hence, Android Application Development will be more focused on offering a seamless experience for both the folded and unfolded versions. Content creators, resellers, and Android App Development professionals will have to consider this while updating or building an app.

2. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology helps to optimize location-based searching by using Bluetooth signals to any device. It is an excellent option for providing personalized services to targeted audiences. Beacons will play a crucial role in connecting with other mobile devices that are within an accessible range. Global businesses can send notifications providing valuable information about products and services to their customers. Integration of Beacon technology into Android Application Development is set to become popular.

3. Instant Apps

Instant apps, the new version of mobile apps that do not require downloading, are about to become a great hit among users. Giving users a new and improved experience, Instant Apps are created by making use of Android Studio and are compatible with several versions of Android. The capability to provide an ‘instant’ experience is expected to be instrumental in driving an increased number of users. This innovative feature will be beneficial to business owners and app users. The former will be freed from the need for installation by users, and the latter will be able to run the app with no concern for device storage capacity.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

The network that facilitates interconnected smart devices, by using the Internet, known as the Internet of Things, is fast becoming a popular technology. The exponentially growing number of smartphones in the modern world has given rise to unlimited opportunities for IoT. Offering excellent convenience as well as automated control to users, IoT-enabled mobile apps will become popular among users. Android Application Development Service in the future will be incomplete without IoT-enabled apps.

5. 5G Technology

With a high frequency and speed, 5G technology offers superior data transfer and enables the creation of feature-rich apps that will improve business performance considerably. It is considered one of the most awaited Android Application Development trends in the near future. User experience and engagement, the crucial factors in mobile apps, can be enhanced significantly using this futuristic technology.

6. Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Artificial Intelligence has been evolving steadily, finding use in several domains across the globe. The advantage of machine learning and implementing AI-powered mobile apps will transform the Android App Development arena by facilitating personalized and accurate experience. With the introduction of chatbots and voice assistants, a substantial saving in human efforts and time will be achieved.

7. Augmented & Reality (AR)

Android Application Development has been seen to gain even more momentum after the introduction of AR applications. Enabling apps to display virtual objects on the screen, and allowing users to seamlessly interact with them, AR technology, with its presence in several fields, is gaining a niche in Android App Development.

8. Blockchain Technology

Providing decentralized mobile app development solutions and enhancing transparency, Blockchain technology ensures eliminating unauthorized access. Its strong security protocols prove to be perfect for Android Application Development. Especially organizations in the financial segment such as banks and currency exchanges will find this secure technology to be very effective.


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