Xamarin, the cross-platform Mobile App Development framework is owned by Microsoft. This open-source platform is used for building native apps with .Net and C#. Xamarin works with the Mono framework for connecting with the application program interface of the mobile device functions.

Considered as one of the ‘write once, run everywhere’ podiums, Xamarin is used by developers for creating robust mobile applications for Android, iOS, and macOS, using the C# coding language. It is the first choice of any Custom Mobile App Development Company.

Creating Powerful Mobile Apps Quickly with Xamarin

Xamarin is a development platform that helps faster developing, testing and deploying across several operating systems. Enterprise Application Development using Xamarin is the fad among modern developers. By following the below-mentioned tips, developers may accelerate the app development timeline when using Xamarin:

  • Adopt lean development approach that ensures high efficiency, holistic optimization, and rapid delivery
  • Make use of in-built controls and UI frames
  • Use Xamarin TestCloud for testing features
  • Select robust mBaaS for backend functionalities

What is significant about Xamarin?

Xamarin from Microsoft is among the most popular open-source cross-platform development frameworks that enable building scalable, feature-rich, and secure mobile apps. Listed below are a few of the key factors that make any Custom Software Development Company opt for Xamarin:

  • Shared code: Xamarin allows developers to build platform-specific UI code layers. The code may be shared across platforms.
  • Better user experience: Apps created with Xamarin appear 100% native on all devices and offer the best user experience.
  • Native-like performance: Cross-platform apps created with Xamarin are classified as native. Their performance metrics are comparable with that of Swift for native iOS and Java for Android app development.
  • Code reusability: Xamarin makes use of C# with the .Net framework for building apps. This ensures reuse of around 95% of the code, thus expediting the development cycle.
  • Simplified maintenance: Cross-platform Apps built using Xamarin are easy to maintain and update. The source file can be updated with ease.
  • Use of Xamarin.Forms: Xamarin.Forms facilitate creating apps with less platform-specific functionality by allowing rapid prototyping. Developers and Custom Mobile App Development Companies find this very useful.

Benefits of Xamarin cross-platform app Development

In addition to the common advantages such as reusable code and cost-efficiency, Xamarin offers certain exclusive benefits. A few have been mentioned below:

1. Fewer developer hours

Generally creating native apps is a time-consuming task, as they are developed for one platform. By enabling developers to develop the source code for one specific platform and make it work on other platforms as well, Xamarin solves this issue. Saving precious time is a significant advantage.

2. C#-Based Programming

Xamarin is C# based. It is a type-safe, flexible, and pure object-oriented programming language that proves easy to learn. As it doesn’t require any extra coding effort and additional time for learning, it is much sought after by modern mobile app developers.

3. Multiple Platform Code Compatibility

Users are at times subject to budget constraints that make them go for developing mobile apps only on a single platform. This restricts the source code of the app to work only on one platform. By allowing developers to create code that works fine across multiple platforms, Xamarin ensures multiple platform compatibility.

4. Multiple Library Support

Xamarin’s capability to use a range of libraries facilitates implementing even complicated functionality with minimal efforts. It is one feature any Custom Software Development Company would look for.

5. Flawless UI

Xamarin is equipped with strong design tools. The use of Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio helps app designers to come up with flawless UIs that offer great user experiences.

Wrap-upXamarin is quoted to be used by over 1.5 million developers around the globe. The number is expected to keep going up in the coming years. With the developers of Xamarin working on changes and improvements, the Xamarin community is about to grow manifold in the future. Amazing code improvements are expected and a number of Xamarin-based mobile apps will be enjoyed in the future. Enterprise Application Development with Xamarin is certainly trending among developers

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