When it comes to web development, you can use a myriad of tools, technologies, and frameworks to get the job done. However, technology never rests. It always keeps on evolving, and developers need to adapt. 

MEAN Stack has proven itself as an efficient, robust, and easy-to-use software development framework. 

Here are seven reasons why you should use MEAN Stack in 2021. 

1. Single Programming Language

A big reason to use MEAN Stack is that it used only JavaScript-based technologies. This leads to a seamless working environment where all the operations take place over one language. This also ensures a fast backend response unit, which enables you to evolve your application over time. 

Since it has a common language, it allows you to switch seamlessly between client-side and server-side. There’s no need for third-party servers like Apache. The developer can, therefore, open the MEAN Stack application on the server itself. 

2. It Is Flexible

The way you define flexibility can vary. For some, it could be less coding and more functionality. For some, it could be sticking to a single language like JS. MEAN Stack provides all these benefits, but it offers more. 

In addition to developing a web application, it allows you to host web apps on the cloud for testing purposes. Besides, MEAN stack uses MongoDB, a cloud-based database system that facilities automatic cluster support and sharing across servers. 

3. Shortest Time to MVP

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) refers to the product (web application) with its preparatory features. These include the fundamental characteristics customers are looking for. If you work with a MEAN stack software development company, you’ll achieve the MVP in the minimum possible time. This will reduce the overall time to market and enable you to address your customers’ requirements more quickly. 

4. Enables Isomporhic Coding

MEAN Stack allows you to switch from one framework to another. This refers to isomorphic coding and is one of the most significant benefits of developing mobile enterprise solutions on MEAN Stack. Isomporhic coding allows you to reduce development time while ensuring optimum code functionality. 

Isomorphism is a really cool feature to have for custom software development platforms. It makes the platform reliable and inviting, even for organizations that have no experience with web app development.

5. Supports MVC Architecture

The model-view-controller (MVC) framework architecture is a design pattern used for developing and implementing user interfaces. It divides a web application into three interconnected elements that separate the internal representation of information. 

MEAN Stack supports the MVC architecture, ensuring that your development team maintains a consistent and high level of productivity. 

6. Ensures Quality Assurance

Business solutions developed using MEAN support automated testing. Developers can, therefore, gain instant knowledge if a feature or functionality runs into an issue. When you hire a MEAN stack software development company, quality assurance becomes effortless. MEAN integrates QA with the development stage, which makes quality check more effective. 

7. Ever-Growing Online Community

MEAN Stack is one of the most-used and renowned development frameworks in the world. A lot of software development companies across the globe use MEAN, which has led to the development of a strong online community. If you run into any MEAN-related issues, you can find a plethora of forums and communities where you can get your issues resolved instantly. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re new to business software solutions, MEAN Stack should be your go-to choice. It simplifies the development process and allows you to unleash the potential of cutting-edge web development. 

If you’ve made your mind to use MEAN Stack, don’t forget to check out ConcertCare, a leading MEAN Stack development company.

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