5 Small Business Trends to Follow in 2021

The year 2020, shrouded by unprecedented problems and impacted by unanticipated issues, has paved the way for an entirely different path toward recovery and development. The contemporary industry setting is witnessing novel Software Development trends that will shape future development.

The Significant Role Played by Software Solutions in the Modern World

With so much having changed in the modern world from the common man’s and business perspectives, Software Solutions have a significant role to play in bringing back normalcy. In the COVID-19 recovery phase, quite a lot of advancement is expected on the Software Development front that will influence the future.

Post the global pandemic, tech-assisted processes and transactions will become the new normal in almost any business. The pandemic-related disruptions can be effectively handled by Software Solutions, and the need for reliable and skilled Software Development Companies will rise considerably.

Key Software Development Solutions that are About to Impact the Business in 2021

1. Business Solutions Will Facilitate Remote Work

Populations shrink in urban areas, and an increasing number of people tend to seek remote work. With a steep increase in the number of remote workers across the globe, organizations will have to figure out ways to efficiently run their businesses using the new paradigm successfully.

The challenges and practical difficulties associated with remote working will have to be resolved using business-specific software solutions. A Software Development Company that is capable of enabling businesses to achieve new and effective ways of collaboration, communication, and team management can help enhance productivity.

2. Cloud Technology is Gathering Momentum

Cloud services play a major role in implementing appropriate infrastructure while supporting employees to create a proper work environment during remote working. More and more Software Development Companies will actively use cloud-based solutions to build apps and manage processes.

The contribution of cloud technology in providing effective business solutions will witness an increase this year. Helping to cut down the expenses, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions are about to become more common and sought-after as they are easier to adopt and implement.

3. E-Commerce Software Solutions Will Significantly Influence Business

The E-Commerce model has been already gaining popularity. Now, with the aftermath of the global pandemic, there has been a huge rise in this market. A lot of retail business organizations have shifted to the online sales model, using customizable Software Development solutions.

Ensuring a contactless, safe shopping experience and assuring the satisfaction of customers have become crucial, and Software Solutions that facilitate online retail sales are the order of the day. Providing excellent customer experience and taking business process automation to the next level, E-Commerce Software Development is one of the key trends.

4. Containers & Microservice Development 

The rising adoption of containers and microservices is another crucial trend to watch out for this year. There is software for almost any of the business transactions in the modern world. The pandemic has fueled the software development process. The latest trend is that software development companies turn to containers and microservices. This facilitates quick software development and enables building effective and viable applications.

Containers and microservices are expected to become a bigger element of software development and they assist Software Development Companies to provide secure Business Solutions and scale existing ones easily. An increasing number of projects require 24/7 availability and increased security, in addition to scalability. This will further fuel the increased use of containers and microservices in software development in the future.

5. Low-Code Development is the New Approach

The demand for resources and time has necessitated the simplification of the Software Development process. Low-code development, the new approach in this regard, enables Software Development Companies to take a deviation from the traditional coding. It allows coding via graphical user interfaces as well as configuration.

Allowing developers and businesses to implement unique ideas into business solutions through software development, such programming environments involve limited development skills. This enables even those having little experience to craft business solutions.


The year of recovery and rebuilding, 2021 is expected to be challenging, and unstable economic conditions are on the cards. Partnering with an experienced Software Development Company such as ConcertCare will enable businesses to avail effective Business Solutions according to their unique needs.

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