Mobile app development using React Native helps to save your valuable time and money. It helps to bring your apps to market sooner than the traditional route of building iOS and Android application separately.

Building mobile apps that have the ability to rapidly change the way people receive care and medical attention require not only app developers with years of experience and software development expertise, but those who are genuinely passionate about creating digital healthcare products that address the lack of patient-centered care and the inefficiencies of the

As healthcare app developers, we know how to design and develop medical apps with a consciousness of how it might feel to use the app when we're sick, weak or in need of immediate medical care.

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Customized healthcare apps solutions

Mobile app development using mobile health care app helps to save your valuable time and money. It helps to bring your apps to market sooner than the traditional route of building iOS and Android application separately.

Bringing in patient engagement apps to healthcare — especially to the clinical care ys operations — has proved to be an innovative way of benefitting many areas such as; data keeping, patient care, reducing complexity and empowering healthcare decision makers with great insights at the point of care.

Medical mobile app development

In order to provide the right mobile solutions, we make sure to have the best healthcare mobile app development team. Our team of experts, with over decades of experience in building mobile healthcare apps, is always our best and foremost resource on every mobile app development project. Our mobile health app design, development, and project management is always done in- house.

We are Health app developers that aim to create a positive impact via life- Ss saving mobile solutions. The medical sector is one of most under-served industries in terms of mobile app technology, despite the countless use cases to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and monitoring of health and wellness. We strive together with healthcare leaders and providers to improve the quality of delivered and patient outcomes through Health app development.


Security is our highest priority and all medical apps we create meet rigorous standards to ensure HIPAA Complaince. Unique User Authentication, Automatic Logoff, and Encryption are just

Dispense with paper questionnaries and collect patient survey response digitally to obtain data regarding PROs or Patient Reported Outcomes. Inbuild Likert charts can be conducted with

As an Epic verified partner, our custom Health apps have EHR integration by design, Patient data is kept secure while available to the appropriate physicians in an easy to use format.

We continue to remain at the forfront of Healthcare innovations. Our focus on remote-monitering has yieled exceptional results, including Battlefield One, an award-winning wearable at NATO's Defence innovation Challenge.


Medical apps should be easy to use, simple to understand, add legitimate value : to their users, and of course, HIPAA compliant. The healthcare industry is an industry which could benefit significantly from technological improvement, thus, we aim to help hospitals, privately owned firms, and peripheral companies looking to make an impact or improvement in the healthcare space. Patient portals, patient data, medical records, EHR integrations, HL7 data, and HIPAA compliance are all core strengths of our team.

It's our job, and our passion, to build custom apps that provide a simple and enjoyable experience to the user, while correctly managing data in a secure and compliant manner on the backend.


While turning your dream of digital transformation into reality, we work along with you through all the phases of the transformation journey and help with new opportunities using emerging technologies like RPA, AI, Mobile, Web, IoT and Cloud to your business efficiency, ROI and growth by earning customer confidence.

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Topflight Apps is different from all other mobile app development companies because we focus heavily on healthcare applications. Being a specialized healthcare mobile app developer allows us to provide an above-par service to our clients that they won't get from a jack-of-all custom software development company.


Mobile health apps are leading the way in enabling care providers to provide better services to their clients. Patient apps have changed how people communicate with their care providers.


And likewise, electronic health records have tremendously improved record-keeping in healthcare institutions. Lab results, medical charts, and care plans can all be accessed from a mobile health app.


Medical device manufacturers now provide access to their data via API so you can build an app that tracks many of the metrics they provide. In most cases, you don’t need a specialized medical device to capture data. Even by just using the built-in hardware on any modern smartphone, a medical beta mobile app developer can create a mobile health app that provides accurate health information. Take a look at Google Fit, for example


Ifyouare in the Los Angeles area and want to drop by the office, you're welcome to have coffee with us and discuss your app idea. Choosing a software developer to bring your idea to life is a very important process that you need to spend quality time on.


Often we're asked whether we are an iPhone app developer or can do Android app development. The answer is yes to both questions. So if you need an iPhone app or Android app, we have you covered.


Touch ID biometric authentication option as an extra level of security on offering Apple devices.

Contact your Patient or Physician 24/7.

Interactive Video Consulting with your physicians.

Push notifications to alert physicians of messages.

ConcertCare believes in building relationships before software. We welcome you for project ideation and icebreaking session over the telephone, email, or in-person. Let’s put your disruptive ideas of technology solutions into the right words; and from words into reality. The success story of your technology solution is just a call away.