We develop robust, scalable, collaborative, component-based distributed applications, which create enormous value for your organization and customers.With employees and consumers expecting more from their devices and going mobile with services from everywhere, companies not only need to provide superior services for enterprise app development and device integration, but also need focus immensely on securing the data.

Additionally, it is essential to extend mobility to other enterprise devices, especially spanning those that run Windows 10 and Mac OS. The intention tends towards increasing employee productivity without compromising corporate society.Corporate security lies at the heart of efficient enterprise mobile device management. This involves protecting mobile devices, emails and related content.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management

We develop enterprise apps natively based on the platform of the device, which ensures deep integration with the hardware for consistent performance and high degree of security and privacy.

Enterprise application devices control

The benefit of developing apps natively for every platform is the ability to shape and structure the function and performance, as well as set execution level restrictions and run-time environments.

Mobile workforce enterprise management

We believe the functioning of a workforce must never come to a halt as a multitude of critical tasks are dependent on them. Our enterprise apps span the devices and platforms you use for seamless continuation.

Analytics/Big Data

We harness the power of data to predict strategies for the future and implement it for competitive advantage while improving overall performance of the business at the same time.

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

We bring industry-leading solutions to leapfrog your business capabilities, backed by strong domain expertise and proven mobile strategy.

Internet of things

We define, build and run sustainable IoT ecosystems after a thorough analysis of the business and its needs to unlock the power if connected technology.

Cloud Computing

Our risk-calibrated recommendations assure an innovative synergy between security and compliance while meeting all your business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI technology pushes the boundary of what is possible today and paves the way for a plethora of opportunities that present themselves with the expansion of technology.

Virtual Reality

We define, build and run sustainable IoT ecosystems after a thorough analysis of the business and its needs to unlock the power if connected technology.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Deployment calls for host of variables to be considered before implementing it. We aspire to find the best strategy for your organization’s use case scenario.

Support for disruptive innovations

Innovations are constantly occurring in every industry, but to be truly disruptive, an innovation must entirely transform a product or solution.

The entire industry has to be scouted to identify what is being demanded and what is lacking. By addressing not just the concern but also going a step further cements the organization and its technical ingenuity.

ConcertCare believes in building relationships before software. We welcome you for project ideation and icebreaking session over the telephone, email, or in-person. Let’s put your disruptive ideas of technology solutions into the right words; and from words into reality. The success story of your technology solution is just a call away.