The Digital Enterprise Solution Portfolio enables industrial organizations of all sizes to implement current and future technologies for the automation and digitization. This lets them tap into the full potential of Industrie 4.0 to prepare themselves for the journey to the next level of Digital Transformation.

Cutting-edge technologies will create new opportunities for both discrete and process driven industries to fulfil their customer’s exclusive requirements.

Our aim is to help your business leverage the complete potential of advanced digital capabilities by offering services that are fast, simple and user friendly for your customers.

Optimal design - attention to product architecture during the design phase makes it possible to choose prime tools.

Frequent releases - changes are smaller and well-tested, both manually and automatically, which reduces time-to-market.

Stable production mode - lower failure rate of new releases and faster recover in the event of unexpected failure.

Commercializing the use of Digital Technologies

While turning your dream of digital transformation into reality, we work along with you through all the phases of the transformation journey and help with new opportunities using emerging technologies like RPA, AI, Mobile, Web, IoT and Cloud to your business efficiency, ROI and growth by earning customer confidence.

Our Process

ConcertCare’s offering embraces the synergy between technology consulting services along with custom software development and platform-based customization.

Set a good strategy

Strategic planning is the focal point when going in for digital transformation. A robust conception followed by a rigorous roadmap will ensure smooth and enduring transformation.

Make a nice design

A striking design is the first step in catching the fancy of the customer. Sketch all the interface pages of the product to determine the most suitable approach.

Develop a code

Based on the roadmap and potential sketches prepared, the product is to be coded in the most efficient way possible, leaving enough room for changes and upgrades down the road.

First Class Support

Delivering the product is only half the battle. Post-deployment support is what makes or breaks the entire effort. Reliable support will ensure that the customer keeps coming back for all their future endeavors.

Digital Enablement Technologies

In a short span of time, the breadth of digital tools available to organization professionals has rapidly grown. Technologies like AI, Enterprise mobile apps, big data analysis, IoT, cloud computing and VR have revolutionized the industry.

Analytics/Big Data

We harness the power of data to predict strategies for the future and implement it for competitive advantage and improving overall performance of the business.

Mobile Enterprise

We bring industry-leading solutions to leapfrog your business capabilities, backed by strong domain expertise and robust mobile strategy.

Internet of things

We define, build and run suitable IoT ecosystems after a thorough understanding of the business and its needs to unlock the power if connected technology.

Cloud Computing

Our risk-calibrated recommendations assure an innovative synergy between security, compliance and your business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI technology pushes the boundary of what is possible today and paves a path for an ever-expanding arena of possibilities

Virtual Reality

Our VR approach gives you an immersive experience in a multitude of fields. We commission evolving tools for cutting-edge use cases in Medicine, manufacturing and other domains.

Digital Strategies for the future

The landscape of digital strategies is constantly changing and is very versatile. Technologies such as Cloud Computing, AI and VR are the leading trends that will benefit the client and your business of your organization.

Connecting all your enterprise data

The power of cloud computing can be leveraged to create a single point storage of all the organization’s data that is currently being used or will be necessary in the future. This creates an easy access point for members needing access to the data while also monitoring the traffic with redundancy.

Accelerate your journey with AI

AI plays a key role in emerging technologies today. Adopting AI improves business performance, returns better efficiency and reduces time-to-market.

Considerations for your Virtual Reality

VR revolutionized the working of many industries. It allows for multiple trial and error workings with putting a strain on any physical resources. A multitude of testing can be performed to obtain close to real world results.

ConcertCare believes in building relationships before software. We welcome you for project ideation and icebreaking session over the telephone, email, or in-person. Let’s put your disruptive ideas of technology solutions into the right words; and from words into reality. The success story of your technology solution is just a call away.