Technology stack is crucial to the success of a product. At ConcertCare, we sensibly choose technologies for eacsh endeavor to meet our client’s highest expectations and business needs. Have a look at what the tools we use for provisioning, configuration, management and application deployment.

DevOps culture is all about the shared understanding between developers and the operations team, while sharing responsibility for the software they build.

Greater production flexibility, superior productivity, and the development of new business models are all possible today thanks to digital solutions. But, the future of the industry offers even more potential.

To recruit a new DevOps engineer

The expertise of DevOps insists on specialized technical skills every potential engineer must poses. Apart from having a burning passion for scripting and coding, DevOps engineers must be open-minded and collaborative to carry out the process successfully.

Benefits of DevOps

The benefits are pretty simple: Greater automation from the start reduces the chance of misadministration and mistakes, which often leads to downtime or security attacks. Increased automation also reduces the need for security architects who manually configure security consoles.

ConcertCare’s expert DevOps consulting services ensures that your applications are delivered faster.

Transform the way your team your team works by bridging the gap between development and operational services. DevOps ensures strengthened communication and collaboration between teams.

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Effective Development Automation with DevOps

DevOps boosts an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. It employs automation at various stages to ensure quality of product during release thereby decreasing the time-to-market and also consistent incremental updates with minimal errors.

Step by step DevOps Implementation Process

By implementing the process of DevOps, an Organization can deliver faster, higher quality, advanced and consistent software by relying on the cooperation and collaboration between all divisions. It calls for fundamental changes in work culture and modifying legacy programing practices.

Strategic Planning

Before adopting DevOps for the first time, our specialist team analyzes the current IT infrastructure, disposable resources and product portfolio to develop a befitting strategy.

For a DevOps strategy to be successful, we implement a top-down approach to gather a practical and transparent view.

Solution Process

DevOps consultants transfer knowledge to all teams including IT system admin team, delivery managers, test engineers and developers to successfully implement the system.

Implementation procedure

To improve the software quality and speed up the process of delivery, our DevOps team follows a CI/CD strategy and are accustomed with powerful tools like Jenkins and Bamboo.

Along with our expert DevOps team, we create an implantation roadmap with a timeline to assess the configuration process and ensure early delivery.

Production Support

Once the DevOps implementation process is kick started, our team provides effective support during the production stage until the software is delivered as expected without any last-minute setbacks or delays.

ConcertCare believes in building relationships before software. We welcome you for project ideation and icebreaking session over the telephone, email, or in-person. Let’s put your disruptive ideas of technology solutions into the right words; and from words into reality. The success story of your technology solution is just a call away.