React Native is a revolutionary tool for developing mobile apps as it saves valuable time and money. Apps built using React Native have a much shorter time-to-market than the traditional route of using dedicated framework for iOS and Android.

Cross-Platform app development lets developers using a single base framework which is capable of scaling its functionality seamlessly across phones and computers. This innovation allowed for a new breed of smarter and more powerful apps to be built.

Scripting such apps are simple as is uses C#, Objective C, HTML 5, C++, CSS and JavaScript. It is adopted industry wide thanks to its reusable nature, faster build time and lower development cost.

Industry standard tools such as Sencha touch, Titanium and Intel XDK are used to create the basis of the app, whereas frameworks like Xamarin, React Native and Flutter are used to adopt the app to devices used most commonly for smooth and robust performance.

Services we offer

We offer numerous HTML 5 technical resources that used to write the base code to be deployed across platforms. This enables you to focus your assets on aspects such as developing the right features and an interactive UI rather the coding it port for every platform. An app built on HTML 5 runs out of the box on any new device hitting the market.

cross platform app development

React App Development

What makes React Native a great framework is the ability to reuse its code, pre-built components, support for third-party plugins and its modular architecture.

cross platform mobile app development

Kotlin App Development

Kotlin is a potential choice for hybrid mobile app development as it is concise, secure, interoperable and tool-friendly framework.

cross platform mobile app development company

Flutter App Development

Flutter by Google is a portable UI toolkit for creating good looking hybrid mobile applications that is natively compiled for mobile applications.

cross platform app development company

Ionic App Development

Ionic helps you create production-ready mobile applications swiftly as it uses universal development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular.

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap facilitates the development of amazing hybrid mobile applications which is powered by the open web that allows the app to be packaged in the cloud.

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is a very flexible and adaptive framework for hybrid mobile development which provides a native user interface, API access and performance.

Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud

Our cloud consultancy service, led by certified specialists, ensures maximum scalability, performance and concurrency for your mobile apps, web apps and APIs. Right beginning of the discovery phase, we’ll help you shape up your cloud strategy to optimize information delivery across different delivery channels. We work closely with leading players such as Amazon, Azure, Rackspace and DigitalOcean to deliver exceptional performance.

When it comes to m-Commerce, retailers want their application to reach out as many users as possible. You wouldn’t want to lose customers on a certain platform just because your app doesn’t function on it.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications provide the best of web and native applications. Our hybrid app development services reduce the development cost, provide easy access to device data work offline and scale across a variety of platforms and operating systems. Hybrid app developers from IndiaNIC are the ones you need to combine power JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to develop hybrid applications with the latest frameworks from PhoneGap and Appcelerator.

An interface with React Native is created using CSS-like sheets. These sheets are very advanced and allow you to select and modify UI parameters like weight, line, margin, size, fonts, border, height, color and much more.

Progressive Web App Development

Our excellence in Progressive Web Applications (PWA) development services ensures seamless performance and compatibility of web apps, identical to that of any native mobile app. IndiaINC, with an aim to maximize user engagement, creates PWAs that run consistently across all platforms with minimum load on resources.

Our web apps incorporate intuitive features such as offline functioning, push notifications, data analysis and easy distribution channels.

Our Cross platform app portfolio

Our expertise in cross platform apps have aided many businesses and organizations to foray into the digital realm to cater to new set of audience which helps them grow and expand much faster than conventional platform-specific development.

Cross platform development process

To ensure smooth and successful development and deployment of hybrid apps, we follow a set of protocols and procedures.


At this step, we gather the basic idea of the app or service and try to formulate a process as to how to bring it to reality.

Prototype Design

Once the basis is formulated, a rudimentary prototype is created to assess whether the scope of the design and functions are met and the aspects that are to be modified or improved.


Once the prototype specifications have been accepted unanimously, the app moves into the development stage. At this stage, any integrations with other solutions and services that are needed are also made.


The developed app goes into multiple stages of testing to maintain the highest levels of quality. This includes scouting for bugs and ensuring if every aspect of the app functions the way it is intended to.


Once the app meets and exceeds all the standards set by the client, it is ready to be rolled out to the end user. Regular feedback collection needs to happen to ensure all the user’s queries are resolved and the app functions to their satisfaction.

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