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AWS DevOps Engineers


AWS DevOps Engineers

Job Description:

AWS Administrators have two primary responsibilities. One is to configure the AWS cloud management service and the other is to carefully monitor and manage their services. Both these roles are having an equal priority and must be performed with a higher perfection. The other responsibilities of an AWS Administrator include

Key Skills:

  • To establish metrics and carefully monitor the health/utilization of AWS resources on a wide scale by making use of highly sophisticated Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Maintaining a backup of the resources is another important responsibility. The administrator has to perform AWS on-premise resources backup from time to time by making extensive use of AWS services.
  • Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) is an integral part of AWS. Creating effective presentations that support C2S overviews is the duty of AWS Administrator himself.
  • Creating and managing VPC, URL proxies, C2S access points & as well as Bastion Hosts.
  • To communicate with the NISP network team in order to finalize the network connections for the clients VPCs.

Responsibilities of AWS DevOps Engineers

  • Deployment, automation, management, and maintenance of AWS cloud-based production system.
  • Ensuring availability, performance, security, and scalability of AWS production systems.
  • Management of creation, release, and configuration of production systems.
  • Evaluation of new technology alternatives and vendor products.
  • System troubleshooting and problem resolution across various application domains and platforms.
  • Provision of critical system security by leveraging best practices and prolific cloud security solutions.
  • Providing recommendations for architecture and process improvements.
  • Definition and deployment of systems for metrics, logging, and monitoring on AWS platform.
  • Designing, maintenance and management of tools for automation of different operational processes.

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